number pyramid program in php | pyramid program in php

Write a Number pyramid program in PHP

It could be a brain booster exercise for those who recently started learning PHP and just started a loop. 

You have probably done a pyramid program in C if you have a programming background.

You would have to use a two-loop inside the loop, and you can create this kind of pyramidal structure of any symbol. 

Remember always there would be a loop which runs in decreasing order for creating spaces. 

In the following program, I added a query string so that you can generate any row pyramids only bypassing the query string in the URL.

$numberOfRow = $_GET['row']?? 10;
	/*this is explanation of spaces*/
	//echo "<span style='color:#155fd6;'>".$numberOfRow-$i."</span>";
        echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;";
		echo "▲&nbsp;&nbsp;";
	echo "<br />";


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