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rainbow color code aka vibgyor color code

There was a time in our childhood when we were asked by our teacher how many colors there are in the rainbow, and we did not know. It could be something like Vibgyor.

Let’s begin with this vibgyor acronym

Violet–Indigo–Blue–Green–Yellow–Orange–Red (vibgyor )

color code for rainbow

These are the colors that make up a rainbow and I will share the color codes with you.

Might be you landed here and looking for color code for rainbow.

There is a possibility that you are developing HTML and rainbow color code at the moment, so that may be what you need.

vibgyor color name with hex code

ColorRGB ValueHEX CodeView
Violet148, 0, 211#9400D3
Indigo75, 0, 130#4B0082
Blue0, 0, 255#0000FF
Green0, 255, 0#00FF00
Yellow255, 255, 0#FFFF00
Orange255, 127, 0#FF7F00
Red255, 0 , 0#FF0000

so above you can find all the rainbow color hex code or vibgyor colours in rainbow.

That is what I started learning when I was as young as 5 years old, and now I am a website designer in Lucknow, India running wewebupdate.com. Offering services such as website design, digital marketing, and design to clients around the world.

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