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Netbeans shortcut for commenting a block

You typically debug code by testing many lines one at a time while debugging. You must, therefore, comment code when debugging.

It would be good if we were aware of this life-saving shortcut for commenting on a block of code

if you love Netbeans editor. Using [ctrl]+[shift]+ , we can easily comment part of the code in Netbeans. You have to select a block of code before applying this shortcut. It would comment out your code. The best part of this shortcut is a toggle.

This means if you want to uncomment the code block then you would have to reselect the entire commented code and reapply [ctrl]+[shift]+.

NetBeans Shortcut List 2021

To delete current line [ctrl] + [e] or [shift] + [delete]
To delete next word after the cursor[ctrl] + [delete]
It would copy the line and move up[ctrl] + [shift] + [up]
It would copy the line and move down [ctrl] + [shift] + [down]
Without Copying it would move line up[alt] + [shift] + [up]
Without Copying it would move line down[alt] + [shift] + [down]
Go to line [ctrl] + [g]
Format a line of code[alt] + [shift] + [f] OR [ctrl] + [shift] + [f]
To switch among open files[ctrl]+[tab]
Find next in code[f3]

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